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In our efforts to build character in your children, Tiger Martial Arts will be offering select students an opportunity to become a part of the voluntary STORM Instructor Team. It is our hope that this program will motivate your children to achieve their greatest potential and be their very best selves!


To qualify for our STORM Instructor Team children must have:

  • A willingness to help Tiger instructors and staff

  • A green belt or above

  • A good behavior report from a Tiger instructor

  • All A’s and B’s on their report card

  • A good behavior report from their teacher

  • A good behavior report from their parents

  • Knowledge of all Tiger curriculum up to their current belt

  • A Sparring membership


If, at any time, any of the above requirements lapse after becoming a STORM Instructor, your child will be suspended from the program until the requirements are met again.


If your child qualifies for the STORM Instructor Program and you choose to enroll them, there will be a one-time fee of $150. Your child will receive two pairs of nun chucks and a blue uniform, which must have the STORM patch sewn onto the right sleeve.

Please speak with Master Lewe if you are interested in STORM Team!

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